Beta-2.8 Changelog

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Changes made between Beta 2.7 and Beta 2.8.


  • Moved from kernel version to, and updated to the rt31 version of the PREEMPT_RT patch.
  • Moved syscall numbers up by three to not interfere with distributions using kernels newer than 2.6.35, which have added several new syscalls.
  • Fixed a bug where some functions were not inlined properly.
  • Added comments and replaced hanging constants with #defines


  • Re-worked Sched_Test_App to allow for alternative workloads (other than simply burning the CPU)
  • Added FFT, MD5, and glxgears as workloads to Sched_Test_App
  • Fixed libchronos so that it can be compiled with both g++ and gcc
  • Fixed slope generation bugs
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