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NVIDIA Drivers

The proprietary NVIDIA drivers do not work out of the box on PREEMPT_RT kernels, such as ours. They must be patched to take into account the fact that PREEMPT_RT changes spinlocks in a way the NVIDIA drivers can't handle.

First, download the following:

Edit the script to change the first three variables to match your system:

  • VER should correspond to the output of
  $ uname -r
  • NVIDIA_INSTALLER should correspond to the package you downloaded from NVIDIA, minus the ".run" extension
  • KERNEL_SRC_DIR should be the directory of the kernel source you just installed the ChronOS kernel from

Make sure the script is executable:

  $ chmod +x

Run the script:

  $ ./

Congratulations! If everything went well, your ChronOS kernel should now have NVIDIA drivers installed. Each time you re-compile your ChronOS kernel, you will have to re-compile these NVIDIA drivers.

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