Downloading ChronOS Linux v3.4

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Linux Kernel

Create a directory to keep your ChronOS-related code in, and navigate to it.

mkdir chronos
cd chronos 

Download the 3.4.82 kernel to your chronos directory.


Everything Else (ChronOS Kernel Patch, Userspace Libraries, etc.)

Download the latest version of the ChronOS archive which contains the latest PREEMPT_RT and ChronOS kernel patches, associated libraries, and the middleware test application called sched_test_app from the repository. The current version is ChronOS 3.4.1.

Extract the contents of this folder and move them to the 'chronos' folder you created above.

tar xf ChronOS_Beta_3.4.1.tar.bz2
mv ChronOS_3.4/* chronos/

Continue with the Installation Guide 3.4.

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