Beta-2.4 Changelog

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Changes made between Beta 2.3 and Beta 2.4.


  • Improved multicore scalability of global scheduling
  • Improved reliability of global scheduling
  • Optimized G_EDF and G_RMA
  • Corrected errors in the display of missed interrupts in /proc/chronos_sched
  • Replaced FIFO local queues with sorted local queues


  • Added operations benchmark and modified sleep benchmark
  • Added clear_schedstats utility to libchronos
  • Added several new tests to the test cases
  • Added a utility generator for Baker tasksets
  • Added "NONE" scheduler to Sched_Test_App to allow testing under Linux's SCHED_FIFO
  • Changed Sched_Test_App from thread-per-job to thread-per-task
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